A Study on Healthcare Terminology

Download our White Paper on healthcare terminology This white paper on healthcare terminology used by health plans is prepared for professionals in the healthcare communication industry, translation industry and benefit consultants. In preparation of the new Open...

Translating Open Enrollment for Hispanics

Complex decisions require effective communications and despite the growing bilingualism of Hispanics, there is still a great need for adequately translated and consistent messaging across many different healthcare and benefit providers.

Healthcare Translations and English Writing

Healthcare translations are one of our main areas of expertise in foreign language translation.  Our Health Literacy Division for Plain language English writing and Health Literacy Design makes us unique in our industry to offer both Healthcare Translations as well as English writing.  The benefit for you:  we understand healthcare communications and the content life cycle from English to another language. We understand the strategies in writing to move the patient to action for better health.

Read one of our case studies for healthcare translation with Novo Nordisk or
our work with Gilead on healthcare translation and patient education.

Quality Standards in Healthcare Translation

Our specialized and Certified teams of linguists and writers have years of experience in healthcare communications. We work regularly with our teams and know their strengths. We continually test for quality and have stringent KPIs for our translators to adhere to.  We don’t have to “find” the right team for you or settle for a lesser team because a translator is booked and not available.

This works in your benefit when you need your projects done by the best professional translators for your subject material and in the time that works for you. One of our core competencies is in team selection.  For specialized healthcare translations, you need a team of translators and project managers that understand the content and have the expertise, access to glossaries, years of experience and the ability to read your content and put themselves in the shoes of the reader and be that person’s advocate to make sure the communications are clear.

Our Quality Standards for Healthcare Translation include:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Translations
  • WCAG and 508 compliant for Braille
  • HIPAA Certified as a Business Associate
  • BEP Certified for Illinois Healthplans
  • Medically Certified Interpreting  Services

Research in the Healthcare Industry

Because healthcare translations are one of our main areas of expertise, we also regularly research and blog on various issues in this sector.  Most recently, we published a whitepaper on the study of Spanish healthcare terminology that is used by various health plans, government agencies and insurance providers. Our time to research, review and to create a proprietary glossary of terms for our translators to use for our healthcare translations gives our clients peace of mind and instills trust knowing that we have invested in the leading indicators to achieve quality and consistency for healthcare translations.

Healthcare Translations with Health Plans

We work in 40 languages for your diverse member populations.  For healthcare, each state and health plan has different member needs and languages is one of those needs.  Medicare Part C health plans and Part D sponsors are required to translate their materials into any non-English language that is the primary language of at least 5 percent of the individuals in a plan benefit package service area. In addition to language translation, we also serve health plans with Braille conversion.

Are you getting ready for Open Enrollment?  We can help you with the Medicare Part C and D model materials provided by CMS.  Any health plan is free to develop their own translations as well per CMS guidelines.  The priority will be on creating healthcare translation assets for your organization so that updates to those documents every year can be leveraged with your existing translations using Translation Memory.

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Healthcare and Medical Translations for Pharmaceutical Agencies and Clients

Our teams regularly work on drug marketing brochures, patient education materials, websites, Important Safety Information and Prescription information and clinical trials protocol.  Our technology and asset management skills allow us to provide consistent translations to protect your brand and guarantee accuracy.  We realize the risk that comes with these types of communications.  We regularly comply with regulations and directives that are associated with clinical trials and other strictly regulated protocols.  Your dedicated and localization certified project manager will be a consistent lead over your project and keep you informed, adhere to the guidelines and your specific requirements.

Many pharmaceutical clients also want to set up a process with Back Translation of the original translation.  We manage this process for you and present it in a Word table with the translation, back translation and original source content for you to easily review and comment on.  We also run our own reconciliation process before it comes to you so that we have had the translation revised so that it is more accurate to the source, considering the literalness of content like ISI.

We realize that choosing a language service provider is about trust. Our dedication to quality is ingrained in our organization with our commitment to continuous process improvement with Baldrige for Performance Excellence.  Our certification of ISO 9001:2008 became a tool in our toolbox for quality and we constantly are working on tools for our client’s success. Our focus on the client is a core philosophy of our company where YOU become the priority.

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healthcare translations urgent careHealthcare translations for Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

We understand the time requirements for drug recall letters, member communications, and disease management materials.  PBMs benefit by having a dedicated Language Service Provider that can maintain their style guides, translation assets with Translation Memory and Glossaries of terminology so that your members receive consistent communication and your brand is not diluted.

We offer Urgent Care for a 1 day turnaround for a healthcare translation of a Drug Recall letter.  We regularly work on patient education programs, brochures, websites and call center scripts.  We understand that PBMs want to have control of their messaging with the clients they serve and it is in their benefit to control the healthcare translated communications that have their name on it.  In addition to regular healthcare translations for PBMs, we also do English Plain Language Writing of member communications.  Medicaid and Medicare both require different readability scores and most of our clients don’t have the internal resources to regularly rewrite their communications to adhere to these regulations.  Because of our focus on the whole content lifecycle from English to other languages, we are confident that we can be the right fit for your organization for healthcare translations.

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To download our fact sheet on healthcare translations and services, click here.

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Express Scripts

Our expertise in the Healthcare communications Industry has allowed us to help managed care organizations communicate more effectively with their foreign language speaking member base, as well as their low literacy population. Effective communication can help healthcare organizations overcome the most prominent healthcare challenges that exist today:

  • Drug adherence
  • Government grade level regulations for Medicare / Medicaid
  • Drug recall letter directions
  • Disease management

We understand the rigor and stringent guidelines on regulatory information.  With terminology management and asset management using Translation Memory, we use technology in our industry to ensure consistency in translation of repetitive content and to ensure that it is accurate. Our teams specialize in pharmaceutical translation and are trained in our processes for efficiency and quality.

One of our core competencies is team selection of linguists for the client.  We select one of our regular teams that best fits the requirements of your project.  That team can also interface with your internal reviewer in a structured process we have that makes it easy for the reviewer and engages their trust, maintains version control of documentation and allows for your language assets to be maintained and updated.  We routinely work on the following:

  • Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Pharmaceutical brochures
  • Safety Information
  • Patient Information Leaflets
  • Research articles


A Study in healthcare terminology cover imageThis white paper is prepared for professionals in the healthcare communication industry, translation industry and benefit consultants. In preparation of the new Open Enrollment season, we looked at the state of healthcare terminology for the Hispanic population. Our paper highlights the issues in healthcare terminology, what it means for the industry and what could be done to improve it.

Read our Whitepaper here