About Advocating Global

A blog designed to support globally minded communication professionals with insight into the global communication strategies that lead to desired behavior and positive end-user outcomes. We write and invite experts to write in about global communication topics in healthcare, corporate communications and marketing, as well as best practices in localization and process management.

Our topics may vary, but our focus is always on the advocacy for the communications professional; to empower them with the tools and best practices to be a global leader and make a difference in the outcomes of the end-user.

Marketing Translation and Global Branding

Our Global Marketing Translation and Global Branding Blog is for marketing professionals, designers and writers who are involved in translation of brand messaging, websites, brochures, flyers, etc. We also address product naming and creative writing (copywriting) best practices. Foreign Markets are often one of the key growth strategies of businesses selling products and services. Brand Managers and Marketing Managers need to control consistency and accuracy in their messaging in other languages. This challenge often requires a new set of skills, a global mindset, and marketing professionals that embrace this challenge will ultimately be more successful in their jobs as they advocate for their foreign language end users.

Website localization – Tips and Peeves

Website localization – Tips and Peeves

These tips and peeves for website localization or website translation, as it is also known, can be used for any size company. We’ve seen the good, the great, the bad and the ugly. This article is useful for web designers, IT folks, corporate marketers, usability testers, and just about everyone else who may be involved in the design/redesign, maintenance and ongoing content creation in their website.