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A blog designed to support globally minded communication professionals with insight into the global communication strategies that lead to desired behavior and positive end-user outcomes. We write and invite experts to write in about global communication topics in healthcare, corporate communications and marketing, as well as best practices in localization and process management.

Our topics may vary, but our focus is always on the advocacy for the communications professional; to empower them with the tools and best practices to be a global leader and make a difference in the outcomes of the end-user.

Localization Maturity Blog

Localization Maturity is about matching your organization’s expectations on global communication outcomes with the right people, processes and technologies. As organizations grow and their localization (translation) needs grow, that organization will have to move through stages of maturity. Our Global Communication Maturity Model™ 2.0 shows an enhanced view of the stages through which organizations will progress when implementing a global communications strategy. Each stage represents a point in time when an organization faces unique challenges that must be met and built upon in order to move forward on their global business path.

Sign Language vs. Foreign Language Interpreting

Sign Language vs. Foreign Language Interpreting

Sign-language interpreting and Foreign language interpreting are two distinct professions with the same goal of mediating communication between two or more parties with different languages. Both deal with language, one spoken and one signed. Both contrive importance from cultural impact on the language(s) being interpreted. However, the standards and practices by which we operate are quite distinct.