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Our Agency Promise

We partner with Marketing, PR, Healthcare and HR Agencies in St. Louis and around the nation to help them grow their business by providing quality translation services to their end clients.

Health Outcomes

We are actively involved in improving outcomes for patients through Healthcare Translation Services, Plain Language and Health Literacy Writing and training healthcare professionals on the importance of cultural competency.


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Language Services

Melissa and the LSI team are stellar and their management skills are impeccable. Communication with Melissa is easy and she and her staff are responsive to the needs of a very complicated program being run by one of my firm’s biggest clients. We appreciate all of their hard work and their endless passion and can-do attitude! Client service is definitely LSI’s strong suit and the quality of their work exemplifies that. Thanks for all you’ve done!


Director, FleishmanHillard, a Global PR Firm

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Industry Technology

Technology used in our industry that benefits you.

Digital Expertise

You create Digital Content for your Client. Now they want it in another language. Here's what you can expect when you Translate and Localize Digital.

Online Surveys

Expect technical recommendations on efficiencies to be gained

The majority of the survey platforms on the market offer you an internal option which enables you to be able to type the translation directly into the platform….which is great if your translators are in-house and their tools work in the platform.

OR you can eliminate cut and paste on your end – as well as additional costs and time.

We look at 3 online survey platforms and show you how…


Font Resolution

Expect well researched expertise to solve your font display and sharing issues

You may want to use some of the new free web fonts when choosing to localize your site and need a recommendation on a font to use. Find out why free web fonts may not always be the best option…

You are now working in InDesign CC and need to share your fonts for typesetting of your assets and not sure if you can. Look to the Font’s Eula!

You may not even be aware that your translated website is displaying characters incorrectly.  Fonts may advertise as supporting certain languages…until someone figures out that 1 or 2 characters are corrupted.

WordPress CMS

Expect the right technology to make the job easier on you

Organizations seeking a WordPress Translation Solution now can directly connect with Language Solutions for professional translation services.

WPML is a downloadable plugin for WordPress that manages not only the translation workflow, but also can be configured to manage the translated languages displayed on your website.
Maybe you don’t want the technology though and you want a workaround….we adapt.

Digital Banner Ads

Expect in-depth knowledge on different file formats and how to work with them in translation

Translating and localizing digital banners in dynamic HTML 5 combines various capabilities such as multilingual typesetting, CSS coding, XML processing, validation and browser testing.

Case study presented on Digital banner ad localization… 

Digital Health Apps

Expect experience in moving the patient to better health outcomes

You built it and need a partner that understands what is at stake and can help you deliver full functionality in another language.

Helping IT develop Digital Health Apps…

Online Portals

Expect  certified localization project management that has the expertise to set up a project for translations from a client portal

Out of context. Single strings in a file.  May contain variable text. Need to decipher what exactly is to be translated.

How do we manage this?

… Enhancing the customer experience

Language Services     Technology    > Industries


We love bringing LSI’s services to our clients, because it fits perfectly with the strategic, high-value approach they expect from Buck, and no global communication process is complete without addressing the critical issue of localization. LSI takes the foreign language content created for a short-term communication project and turns it into a long-term asset through the use of client-specific glossaries and Translation Memory. Creating value is what keeps our clients connected to us in the long term, they haven’t just spent money on a one-off communication campaign, they have now created a permanent asset for their organization.


Global Communications Executive, Buck Consultants


Localization Maturity

Localization Maturity is about matching your organization’s expectations on global communication outcomes with the right people, processes and technologies. As organizations grow and their localization (translation) needs grow, that organization will have to move through stages of maturity. Our Global Communication Maturity Model™ 2.0 shows an enhanced view of the stages through which organizations will progress when implementing a global communications strategy. Each stage represents a point in time when an organization faces unique challenges that must be met and built upon in order to move forward on their global business path.


Click on the Maturity Model image to enlarge. Then, scroll down for our Online Assessment to place your organization and get Actionable Information, learn about our Quality Process or the Tools to help you Succeed.

Global Communication Maturity Model for Localization Maturity

How do you get started?

1. Evaluate Current State

Click on our model above for a full overview and then place your organization on the Maturation Model. We find that most of our clients can place themselves very easily by looking at the descriptions of each stage. You can also answer 5 questions in our online assessment below and we will estimate where you are on the map. This assessment will also highlight your risks at that particular stage and outline concrete ways that we can help you.

2. Measure

For most common process issues, we already have meaningful metrics that we can use to evaluate progress. Together with the overall business objectives, we can begin to measure progress on process improvement and initiatives that can help you reach better cost efficiency and move you up the maturity model.

3. Balanced Scorecard Tracking

Great partnerships are based on outcomes. We find the most effective collaborations should revolve around a common set of goals, objectives and preferred outcomes that we should expect from both parties. That is why we follow the Balanced Scorecard approach to define our relationship and to track progress.

4. Control

Continuous process improvement is an important part of this cycle. But it is important to work on SMART goals that are definite in time and can be controlled. Once progress has been made, it is important to control and document the process before moving forward. We can help to define the process that has resulted from the process improvement initiative and deploy this effectively to control the process.

Too many companies focus on the lagging measures such as profit, ROI, etc. When you determine the lagging measures, there is nothing you can do about them. Common sense would tell us we need to go back and examine our historical markers as to how we got there… LSI dedicated an enormous amount of time with a passion toward the education of organizations on this path and the data behind it all is astounding…

G. Tucker

Associate State Director, University of Missouri Extension


HIPAA compliant logo

Language Solutions became HIPAA Compliant in September of 2013. Each employee is trained on our policies and is certified as HIPAA compliant.

WBEN logo Certified Translation services with Language Solutions in St. Louis

Our WBEN certification provides organizations with a supplier diversity program credit for every dollar spent with Language Solutions.

ISO 9001: 2008 Certification logo

The only St. Louis based Translation Services Firm to have such stringent standards.

FBE certified by Illinois BEP logo

Certified as a Female Business Enterprise (FBE) under the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) of Illinois.


What Happens after a Translation Quote loss?

Every business deals with proposals that end up in a loss. So too, do we sometimes lose out on a translation quote. A loss that happens is an opportunity for us to learn about how we do business. An important first step of any quoting process is trying to...

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Added Value with the Translation Preparation Process

The translation process can be negatively affected by a poorly formatted document. The translation workflow is often oversimplified by our own industry through the expectation that translation is a simple “word” business. However, when you look at the details of the translation workflow from start to end, there are a lot of process principles that are relevant to translation quality.

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When does Global Competence Stick?

We talk a lot about building up Global Competence in the organization, but what does it mean? Does it mean that everyone in the organization needs to know the ins and outs of Global Commerce? Does it mean that everyone is Culturally Sensitive? When does Global...

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5 quick tips about Healthcare Translations

Healthcare Translations appear in many different types of Healthcare Communications.  Our clients range from Health Plans, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Pharmaceutical Companies to Medical Device Manufacturers, and each focuses on different areas in the healthcare...

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Healthcare translations for Hispanics with HIV

In our work with healthcare translations, we do quite a bit of patient education for Hispanics with HIV. Some of the challenges when working in healthcare translations for a particular population are to find the current terminology that is being used. 

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HR Benefit Translations into Spanish for Puerto Rico

HR Benefit Translations for US corporations often require Spanish translations for their Speaking employees. However, if you need materials created for Puerto Rico employees you should consider ensuring that the materials are relevant to the laws in that country and translated in Spanish for Puerto Rico.

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There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Translation

For years, technology has made our industry worry about the impact of automated Free Translation services. But how free are free translations really and what are we to gain from free translations? If the idea is that nothing comes for free, then where are the hidden costs of free translations?

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Sign Language vs. Foreign Language Interpreting

Sign-language interpreting and Foreign language interpreting are two distinct professions with the same goal of mediating communication between two or more parties with different languages. Both deal with language, one spoken and one signed. Both contrive importance from cultural impact on the language(s) being interpreted. However, the standards and practices by which we operate are quite distinct.

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Foreign Language Video Translation

What do you do when you get a few hours of foreign language footage that you need to cut into a few minute video, and your editor does not speak the language? We periodically get this request from agencies asking for video translation and it’s never an easy sell. This post suggests a more strategic approach to ensure that your budget meets both need and ROI.

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Font License Issues with Multilingual Typesetting

Use of Fonts in Multilingual Typesetting has never been a big problem before. But as design firms are burdened to upkeep their font license policies and the growing influence of cloud based services has increased the pressure on vendors to get their own fonts to be able to work with their client’s designs. This is a cost to the industry that somehow needs to be recouped. What would be some other ideas that could help deal with font license issues?

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Our Translator Community

Whenever we are asked about who is doing our translations, the common expectation is that either we do the work "in-house" or we just "send it out" to "a translator." However, the translator community, at least within Language Solutions, mainly consists of a regular...

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Testing English Product Names in China is Futile!

Linguistic Screening (or Product Name Testing) of your English Product Name should not be the process by which you’ll want to evaluate your Product Names in China. Rather, Chinese names benefit more from a phono-semantic matching process by which the sounds and/or meaning of the name are matched to fit the English name and brand.

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